The Klondike Corridor Chronicle

Read All About It!

~ 1897 Newspaper
~ 4 pages of information about the Klondike
~ Advertising space for all our sponsors
~ Will be updated for 2018


 Planned for 2018
~ add 2 to 4 more pages
~ add survey results about Dawson City sites and activities

Special thanks to Dan Dowhal and Gaby Sgaga for writing and layout work.
 Living History Youth Camp

Learn how to become a Klondike Character! 
~ Kids 9 to 16
~ 4 days of fun
~ improvisation games
~ acting
~ performance at the Dawson City Museum
 - funding APPROVED - Thank you Yukon CDF and GoldCorp! -


 Special thanks to Scott Green for training  work (and willingness to sleep in an airport and then a truck - just to join us in Dawson City!)