Park Support

Seattle, WA

Skagway, Alaska

The Yukon

Planned for 2022:

~ Expand Social Media connections

~ Support Park YouTube and other educational efforts

Planned for 2022:

~ Create a Skagway Walking tour

~ Rapuzzi House Management/Restoration. Comment here.

This house, built in early 1900's may be available to acquire from the city of Skagway.

Planned for 2022:

~ Continue support of the S.S. Klondike Christmas event

~ a Vlog series (pending funding) to showcase Yukon tourism products with a historical twist!

Next Steps

~ Developing advertising program funding

- Create social media content

Next Steps

~ Develop a business plan to estimate costs and potential revenue

~ Create revenue generating projects - visitors engagement and educational activities

Next Steps

~ A budget for upcoming events

~ Look for other funding options

~ Start production when funding is approved