Friends of the Klondike Corridor was founded in April 2013 to support and enhance the growth of the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Parks, stretching from Seattle to Alaska to the Yukon Canada.  With the downtown Seattle Unit of NPS, the Skagway Unit in Alaska, and Parks Canada, we work to preserve the story of the stampede to the Yukon gold fields.  Our partnership agreement with the U.S. National Parks Service and Parks Canada states our mission to support these Parks through preservation, education and outreach to the community and volunteers.

The Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Parks are very special national treasures, spanning two countries, including the Chilkoot trail, a 50 mile trail that many adventurers trod and one of the few National Park sites that is jointly managed by two countries. These Parks represent the spirit of adventure that unified our country and added the stories of Jack London, poetry of Robert Service and the amazing legacy of the Alaskan Gold Rush to our national lexicon. 

Today the Parks work to preserve original buildings, trails, and the spirit of the adventure.  Our Friends group supports their efforts through fundraising and awareness building. 

Our National Parks

 Seattle, WA - Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park
 Skagway, AK - Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park
 Chilkoot Trail national Historical Park - Skagway to the Yukon
 Whitehorse Yukon - Parks Canada - S.S. Klondike
 Dawson City Yukon - Parks Canada Visitor Info. Centre

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The Friends of the Klondike Corridor, Inc. is incorporated in the United States as 501(c)3 and is  the official fundraising organization for the Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Parks in Seattle, Washington and Skagway, Alaska.  The Friends of the Klondike Corridor Group is a registered Society in  the Yukon Canada and has a Memorandum of Understanding with the five Parks Canada Klondike related National Historic Sites in the Yukon.

 The mission both organizations is: To create an inclusive foundation to support Klondike National Historic Site’s:

v  Preservation,

v  Historical programs,

v  Educational material and programs,

v  Scientific and

v  Recreational purposes.

From Seattle to Alaska to the Yukon, this will be done primarily through fund-raising, programming and consultation with stakeholders to weave together the various Klondike related national historic sites in Canada and the United States that together present the whole romantic international story of the Klondike Gold Rush

 The goals of the organization are to:

          Create a unified voice for the marketing of the Corridor

          Increase awareness and education on the history and culture of the Corridor

          Increase visitor services, experience opportunities and volumes

          Help to preserve historic buildings/artifacts for future visitors and generations

          Provide a platform for local residents to support the Parks


These are membership driven organizations funded through membership fees, donations, corporate sponsors and grants.  Your participation is greatly appreciated.