Currently we are asking for donations to help Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park in Skagway, mitigate the extensive damage caused by recent flooding in Dyea and along the Chilkoot Trail.

Why Support the Friends? What do your dollars fund?

Donations help to fund our Community Outreach, Site/Park Development and Education programs. Over the past several years we have worked with many organizations and youth, and would like share a couple of success stories:

~ Through our community Living History programs, we have seen youth reconnect with their culture. Our programs are not just about learning the text book history, but connecting with individual culture - from American to Canadian to First Nations peoples. Youth in our programs have gone from shy, hesitant children to youth proud to stand up and share their history and the history of where they live.

~ In Seattle we have worked with the National Park Service to host events that bring visitors to the park, as well as supporting city wide events where we can distribute education material about the Klondike Gold Rush and invite people to visit the National Park. Tens of thousands of people were able to experience our Legacy Days events and visit with park rangers at the Seattle Pride Parade, Pridefest and Dragonfest events. With your funding, we are able to print a historic newspaper, the Klondike Corridor Chronicle - 4 page newspaper, with the Klondike story, and messages from our sponsors who support these efforts. Over 6,000 copies were distributed.

~ Food is another great way to engage youth - and we are really good at it! We have introduced hundreds of children to the art of 1898 ice cream making! While a bit messy, in Skagway Alaska children look forward year after year to our events so that they can make a mess, enjoy an ice cream (ok, mostly they make mike shakes), and relive some of the 1898 lifestyle. And when it is not ice cream, it flipping pancakes. Working with Parks Canada to support the reopening of Bear Creek Compound, (the site where the gold was melted into bricks and where the dredges of the Klondike were built from 1905 to 1966), we were able to allow visitors in for one day and enjoy all the pancakes they could eat (sourdough pancakes included of course) while exploring this amazing place. Parks Canada has since reopened the site with tours starting in 2018!

Donations of any amount are very much appreciated and will go towards supporting National Park and Friends of the Klondike Corridor projects. Click the PayPal Link Below. Once you enter your email, you can pay with PayPal Credit, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. Thank you!