Klondike COrridor Gold Rush tours 

with Tin Cup Kelly

Follow in the footsteps of the Klondike Gold Rush stampeders and experience a once in a lifetime journey to Alaska and the Yukon with Friends of the Klondike Corridor!

Your guide for this journey is time traveler, former Klondike Gold Rush stampeder, and YouTube personality Tin Cup Kelly (living history actor and tour guide S.A. Green). You'll begin your trip in Juneau, travel by ferry to Skagway then follow the Klondike Gold Rush route all the way to Dawson City, Yukon! 

As we travel the route by ferry, train, and van, we'll learn about the Indigenous peoples of these spectacular lands, see amazing wildlife, and experience the history firsthand as we roleplay the Klondike Gold Rush in the actual places many stampeders traversed. (Yours and your fellow traveler's roleplay moments will become a short keepsake film to share with friends and family.) 

2024 Klondike Corridor Gold Rush Tour Available Dates: 

August 7 (Wed) to August 17 (Sat) 

September 10 (Tue) to September 20 (Fri) 

These are small group tours with a maximum of fifteen travelers. 

A portion of the proceeds from these tours is used by Friends of the Klondike Corridor to support National Park Service and Parks Canada education programs.

Double Occupancy: USD $5,250.00 (plus taxes)
Single Occupancy: USD $6,750.00 (plus taxes)

For further details, and to reserve your space on a one-of-kind Klondike Corridor Gold Rush Tour, email: tours@klondikecorridor.org 

Note: Space is limited so don't miss the RUSH.

Photography by MarranoDesign https://www.marranodesign.com/

 Your Klondike Itinerary: 

Relive the Klondike Gold Rush as you become a stampeder on this a once in a lifetime journey to Alaska and the Yukon!

Day 1: Arrival in Juneau (Drop down to view details)

Tin Cup greets you in Juneau, the capitol city of Alaska. Surrounded by spruce tree covered mountains and the sparkling Gastineau Channel, it is an unparalleled jumping off point on our journey up the Klondike Corridor. A point of departure for some 1898 stampeders heading to Skagway and on to the gold fields, it is the original lands of the Haida-Tlingit. We’ll view all of Juneau’s beauty from 1,800 feet with a ride on the Goldbelt Tram then enjoy a Klondike-themed opening dinner and interactive show. (Overnight accommodations in Juneau.)

Note: You'll arrange your own air transportation to Juneau but Friends of the Klondike Corridor is happy to advise and assist you in any way. Please plan to arrive at the Juneau airport by 4pm.

Day 2: Juneau  

With a full day in Juneau, there’s much to explore! History comes alive at Juneau’s world-class Alaska State Museum where we’ll learn more about the first inhabitants of the region and the gold mining origins of the city. Our visit to the astounding Mendenhall Glacier will inspire a reverence for the power of nature. Some gold panning practice at the AJ Mine and Gastineau Mill will help us appreciate the difficulties faced by the Klondike Gold Rush stampeders. And our walking tour of downtown Juneau featuring the Russian Orthodox Church, the State Capitol Building, the Governor’s Mansion, and the majestic Whale Project sculpture will further our appreciation for the history and beauty of Alaska. (Overnight accommodations in Juneau.)

Day 3: Juneau to Skagway

We'll take a stunning ferry ride up the Lynn Canal from Juneau to Skagway.  Following the route navigated by the steamers during the Klondike Gold Rush, we'll recreate the stampeders’ ship adventure as we gaze upon a landscape that has changed little since the Tlingit people plied these waters in expertly built canoes. When we arrive in Skagway, “the Gateway to the Klondike,” we step into a town that had a booming population of 8,000 to 10,000 in 1898! Today it is a quaint tourist destination surrounded by towering mountains. This afternoon, we’ll explore the waterfront and take in the “Days of 98” show to learn about one of Skagway’s more notorious residents, Soapy Smith. We’ll cap the day off with excellent food and Alaska-themed libations at the Skagway Brewing Company.  (Overnight accommodations in Skagway.)

Day 4: Skagway

Skagway will immerse us in the history of the Klondike Gold Rush. Our first stop today, Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park with its interactive exhibits, will spark our historical exploration. We’ll step into our character roles on the waterfront, imagining what those stampeders encountered when they first stepped upon the shores of Alaska. Our tour of National Park sites and other historic buildings associated with the Klondike Gold Rush including the Moore House and the Rapuzzi House, will immerse us in Skagway’s past. In the evening, after enjoying some delicious local seafood, we’ll visit the historic Red Onion Saloon and learn more about Skagway’s lively Gold Rush history. (Overnight accommodations in Skagway.)

Day 5: Skagway and Dyea

Today the serene natural landscape and provocative history of Dyea awaits. Thousands of stampeders journeyed from Skagway to Dyea then up and over the Chilkoot Trail. Dyea, originally a native Tlingit village then, was transformed almost overnight. It became a wild and wooly boomtown with over 150 businesses in 1898. Nature has reclaimed Dyea making it a serene outpost and a reflection of a time before thousands came searching for gold. On our way to Dyea, we’ll stop at the Gold Rush Cemetery and see where Soapy Smith, his adversary, Frank Reid, and other notable Skagway citizens are buried. We’ll also enjoy the wide range of activities offered at Alaska 360, including gold rush training camp. In Dyea, we’ll explore the original townsite, stroll along the river and walk a portion of the Chilkoot Trail. Before heading back into town, we’ll have an authentic Klondike dinner at the Chilkoot trailhead reliving those exciting but tense moments experienced by the stampeders as they readied to embark on the perilous journey ahead. (Overnight accommodations in Skagway or Dyea.)

Day 6: White Pass Railroad to Carcross, Yukon

Today we embark on one of the most spectacular rail journeys in the world, the White Pass Summit Excursion. Built after the Klondike Gold Rush, the route follows the stampeders’ alternative method of getting to the goldfields. The White Pass was a route that was less steep but no less daunting. Inspired by the rush to the Klondike goldfields, the rail line, which began construction in 1898, is a major feat of engineering which you will witness firsthand. The 67.5-mile, five-hour trip will offer incredible views, taking us through Fraser, British Columbia, all the way to Lake Bennet and Carcross in the magnificent Yukon Territory.  

Lake Bennet was where the Klondike stampeders began their journey down the Yukon River after traversing the Chilkoot Trail.  We’ll recreate the struggle to build a boat so many faced here on gorgeous Lake Bennet then explore historic Carcross. We’ll enjoy a bite at Carcross Commons, browse the wares in the Matthew Watson General Store, and explore the story of the first people of this area at the Haa Shagóon Hídi Cultural Center. We’ll then journey north by passenger van with stops at the Carcross Desert and Emerald Lake on our way to Whitehorse-the capital of the Yukon. (Overnight accommodations in Whitehorse.)

Day 7: Whitehorse

Named after the formidable rapids that resembled giant white horses, Whitehorse is the lively capital of the Yukon. In 1898, stampeders, in their homemade boats, navigated the treacherous waters here on their way to Dawson City. There’s much to do in Whitehorse as we explore history and recreate the Klondike Gold Rush at the MacBride Museum, the Yukon Transportation Museum, and Parks Canada's S.S. Klondike. We’ll learn about the indigenous people of this land at the Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre, glimpse the power of nature at Miles Canyon, and have up close wildlife encounters at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve. 

In the evening, we’ll enjoy Klondike character fun and a chef prepared dinner at Caribou RV.  (Overnight accommodations in Whitehorse.)

Day 8: Whitehorse to Dawson City

After a filling breakfast of sourdough pancakes, it’s off to Dawson City on the North Klondike Highway, passing through some of the most remote wilderness you’ll ever witness. Keep your eyes peeled for bears, moose, and caribou on this incomparable six-hour journey which takes us through the ancestral lands of many First Nations of the Yukon. Our first stop on this route is Lake Laberge where the Yukon River widens out for 31 miles. Trumpeter Swans are often seen here. We’ll stop for vittles and giant cinnamon buns at Braeburn Lodge. Continuing our drive beside the mighty Yukon River, a stop at Five Finger Rapids will reveal one of the major obstacles on the water route to the north. After a quick stop at the always fun Moose Creek Lodge, we’ll stop to view the expansive Tintina Trench, one of the great views in all of the Yukon. As our memorable day ambling through the Yukon comes to a close, one of the most eclectic towns in all of Canada and the place where dreams of finding gold glimmered for those thousands of stampeders in 1898, Dawson City, awaits.  

After absorbing some of the ambience of this historic and well-preserved town, we’ll enjoy a hearty evening meal. Those who are of a mind, can cap their evening with a Sourtoe Cocktail at the Jack London Grill. (Overnight accommodations in Dawson City.)

Day 9: Dawson City

Still maintaining a Klondike Gold Rush look and feel, Dawson City is where the gold was found and the story began. Thousands of stampeders made it here while many more did not. To relive that story in vivid detail, we’ll don our costumes and roleplay 1898 in various locations during our time here.  Our day starts with a walking tour of Writer’s Row where we’ll visit Jack London’s cabin and see how his time in the Klondike inspired two of his most popular works, “White Fang” and “The Call of the Wild.” Next stop, Robert Service’s cabin, where we’ll hear a few of the poems which immortalized the gold rush era. Then it’s out to Discovery Claim, the actual site where a Tagish man named Skookum Jim found the glittering yellow metal that set off the mass migration north. We’ll pan for actual gold nearby at Claim #6 on Bonanza Creek and roleplay the hardships and obsession of working to strike it rich. (You can keep what you find.) On our way back into town, we’ll drive up to the Midnight Dome and take in an astounding view of Dawson City and the bordering wilderness expanse. Like stampeders who’ve struck it rich, we’ll wrap up our day in Dawson City with a rousing show at Diamond Tooth Gerties. (Overnight accommodations in Dawson City.)

Day 10: Dawson City

Our tour’s grand finale is a day filled with history and interactive fun as we walk the plankboard sidewalks of a town founded upon the lure of gold. Our day begins with a stroll along Front Street, the Broadway of the North in 1898, where we’ll enjoy eclectic shops and intriguing history. The Dänojà Zho Cultural Centre will provide us with a greater sense of the history of the First Nation of Dawson City, the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in. Next, a tour of the S.S. Keno will remind us of the days of the steamers while a boat ride on the Yukon will give us an up-close view of this mighty river. 

After lunch we’ll take a Parks Canada walking tour of Dawson City’s many preserved historic structures as we roleplay and imagine Dawson City during the Klondike Gold Rush. Stops will include Arizona Charlie’s Palace Grand Theatre, the Red Feather Saloon, the former post office, and the Bank of British North America. To wrap up our Dawson City exploration, we’ll visit the Dawson City Museum browsing its world-class exhibits and preserved artifacts including historic locomotives.

Our amazing Klondike Gold Rush tour will conclude with a Yukon-themed closing dinner and one last roleplay to put a wrap on the mini–Klondike Gold Rush movie we’ve created.  (Overnight accommodations in Dawson City.)

Day 11: Flights to Whitehorse

As we say our “see you again soons” and depart company at the Dawson City airport, each of us will carry a new sense of wonder and curiosity. As Tin Cup and many others will attest, one trip to Alaska and the Yukon is never your last. The region seeps into your soul in a glorious way and thankfully never leaves. As Tin Cup always says, “Ya Gotta Get on Up Here!” And in this case, “Ya Gotta Get back Up Here.”

"Ya Gotta Get on Up Here" so book now!

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Terms and Conditions

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On the Stampede, you may encounter all types of situations…  including:

ACCOMMODATIONS: Unlike the original stampeders, we will put you up in accommodations that at least offer running water, a private bath, and electricity.  They will be the Klondike’s top level of hotels.  The exact hotel list will be provided to you at least 30 days prior to your adventure.

-- Special rooming requests: Please share your needs with us as soon as possible and we will do our best to accommodate youFor example, if you need a ground floor room, ADA, or want to be next door to your favourite fellow traveler, please let us know.

-- Singles: If you want to partner up with a total stranger to share a room – we are fine with that and can share contact information of other singles willing to share a room.

DEPARTURE TIMES: Please rally together in the designated place each day no later than 15 minutes prior to the time shown on your itinerary. If possible, we will use group chat to keep everyone posted on times.  If you are running late, please post that in the chat and we will decide about waiting for you (ha ha). Remember, wildlife often picks off the member of the herd who is not keeping up.

SMOKING POLICY: All vehicles are non-smoking, but rest stops are frequent. Please be considerate of those clients who may have allergies to smoke and high risks for wildfire!

VITTLE/FOOD ALLERGIES: You must notify us no later than at final payment if you have a food allergy (one that causes medical distress). For some allergies, please consider purchasing your own snacks or food items In Juneau and Whitehorse (many foods are not allowed to cross the border into Canada, so plan accordingly).

SIDE TRIPS: If you wish to leave the tour at any time, you are certainly welcome to do so. Please ensure that the tour director is informed. We will not make a refund for any missed or unused portions of the tour package.

SPECIAL NEEDS: If you require ongoing assistance in any way, you must be accompanied by a travelling companion who will be fully responsible for your needs while on tour. Your tour director cannot provide ongoing assistance. Our tours may not be suitable due to the level of activity, so please discuss your needs with us when you book your tour. Please note that we cannot carry a scooter or motorized wheelchair.

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GRATUITIES: Gratuities are at your discretion; however, they are a significant portion of income for these professionals. Please use local currency. Please do not start a group collection. You can leave cash or include a tip in our follow-up email survey. The following are guidelines per person:

-- Tour director and van driver: $70 - $100 the tour director and $20 to $30 to the driver.

-- Local guides: $10 to $15 per activity.

-- Meals:  15-20% of the pre-tax bill; note: For included meals, gratuities have been included.

-- Housekeeping staff: $2 per person per night.

-- Luggage handling: $2 per bag. Note: Tip for one piece of luggage at hotel is usually included.

  -- Transfer driver with luggage handling: $2 per person.

-- Small Vessels and Trains: $5-$10 per day, if not included

LOST ITEMS: You carry and keep track of your own packs.  Check at the end of each day you have all your stuff with you.

CURRENCY: Your credit card is a convenient way to pay for many additional meals and purchases. ATMs are easily accessible in Canada and the US. However, you may want to carry some cash with you in the currency of that country for gratuities and in case credit cards cannot be used – small towns can have power outages and shortages at ATM on occasion.

LUGGAGE: Pack light and with layers.  You no longer need to bring a ton of goods with you. We will provide suggestions for you to consider.

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F Your deposit will be held in trust.

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WHAT WE DON’T COVER:  Airline luggage fees, airline upgrades/seat assignments, luggage insurance, lost items, missed activities due to weather/uncontrollable issues, activities you miss due to late arrivals or documentation issues. If a supplier of an activity goes out of business, we will make every effort to replace that experience with a similar experience.  No refunds will be provided for that specific supplier services unless we are refunded our costs and not alternate experience was provided.

PHOTOGRAPHY: This tour is all about photography.  It is extremely likely that your image will end up online (social media, YouTube, etc.)  Purchasing this tour provides us with your consent to post those videos and photography without compensation to you. 

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