Rapuzzi House 

Please Note: Currently we have been awarded two grants (Rasmuson Foundation and Juneau Community Foundation) to begin work on this house.   It is a work-in-progress, and still requires several agreements with the Rasmuson Foundation, the Municipality of Skagway, AK. and local residents to move forward. Your comments are appreciated.

Please provide comments below.

Friends of the Klondike Corridor and the Rapuzzi House Vision

Current Situation

 - The Skagway City Council recently voted not to allocate funds for the restoration of the Rapuzzi House, and the Rasmuson Foundation has requested its return.

 -  Endeavoring to assist in the historical preservation of Skagway and to boost its continued support of the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park, Friends of the Klondike Corridor seeks to rehabilitate, preserve and showcase the historic Rapuzzi House. 

 - The Rasmuson Foundation and Juneau Community Foundation have each provided grant money to cover costs for: temporary roof work to prevent further damage due to leaking, hosting of a community open-house event, improving communication tools, an engineering report, and an architectural report and plans for the building.

 - We are currently in discussion with both the Municipality of Skagway and the Rasmuson Foundation to coordinate a transfer of the house (either ownership or management) to Friends of the Klondike Corridor.

Our Goals

- Boost the community of Skagway and the Rapuzzi House’s neighborhood by stabilizing and restoring the house as a historical anchor.

 - Rehabilitate the structure and create innovative interpretation of the Rapuzzi House which will add to the historical integrity of Skagway.

- Save the Rapuzzi House to preserve an important part of the timeline of Skagway by highlighting the life and works of George and Edna Rapuzzi.

 - Create a space for both community and small visitor events and experiences.

- Partner with local businesses and nonprofit groups in the use of the Rapuzzi House.   

- Support the National Park with fundraising activities which then support other Park programs and activities.

Friends of the Klondike Corridor’s Ideas for effective use of the Rapuzzi House

(preliminary suggestions and examples)

- NPS Artist in Residence Gallery

- Visiting Artist or Visiting Author showcase

- Small Scale Visitor Events - early evening

   (ticketed) appetizer gatherings

- 1898-style Ice Cream Sundays

- Historic Film Viewings - Hollywood vs. History

- Youth Time Travel Summer Camp

- Staff Quarters

- Studio Space - available short-term accommodations for visiting artists/author, etc.

- Rapuzzi Collection Space

- National Register Listing

- Adult History Experiences

- Evening Fundraising Events – limited gatherings including auctions, murder mystery dinners, artist openings, book signings, etc.  

- Local Partner Cooperatives- events and other programs intended to support local businesses and non-profits

- Local Partner Rental Space/Storage Space

Provide Your Ideas and Feedback (Bleow) Please!

Repair Work Completed Fall 2022